The iPad Receptionist is the most versatile, effective and easy-to-use Visitor Management system available! From offices with just a few employees to others over 15,000, our app is used by hundreds of businesses around the globe. Whether you are looking for a simple visitor logging system to track your visitor traffic, or require a fully customizable, SMS and email based, two-way communication system with badge printing, The iPad Receptionist can solve your specific office needs.


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Text or Email Notifications. Two-Way Communication with your Visitors. 

Receive visitor arrival notifications via SMS, email or both! When you respond back to the visitor your message is displayed in the iPad allowing for a two-way conversation. The iPad Receptionist is built to communicate and function the way you want it to.

Message Forwarding. Not around? Set a back up. 

In a meeting, out to lunch, or home sick? The iPad Receptionist has you covered. Set up automatic message forwarding and have another contact be notified of your guest(s) if you are unable to respond.




Deliveries. Never miss a package or lunch.

Create a delivery button, choose your carriers, and you’re ready to go! You can even choose message options for the delivery such as “Requires signature”, “Left delivery at counter”,“Will redeliver”, or create a custom message that is best suited for your office’s deliveries. Have a lot of food deliveries? Simply create a custom food delivery button!

Visitor Badges. Customized with your logo. 

Need to identify who’s visiting easily? Badge printing is available to print custom Visitor Badges for each visitor when they check in! From their name to who their visiting, along with date and time, you can fully customize your badges complete with your company’s logo.


Visitor Log. Detailed Visitor Info in the Cloud.

No more messy papers and illegible handwriting. View your visitor traffic online and see who arrived, when they left and who they were there to see. Using the photo capture option, you can store and view their picture!




“We’ve been able to redesign the entry to our office to be receptionist-less. In our attempt to be more monastic, the app lets us have a regular flow of visitors through our office who get immediately connected with the right person without interrupting others.”

– Brad Feld, Foundry Group

As Simple or Complex as Needed.



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